Building — A multiplayer word game


What’s this game?

Sample game play with 3 players
Side note: In the classic variant the round would have ended at Player 3 because a valid word “DYE” is completed. But we removed this constraint in our game.
Another sample game play with 3 players
In case Player 1 was unable to come up with a longer word when challenged, Player 1 would have lost the point instead of Player 2

Game Design!

State transition diagram
Our implementation consisted of a few more states and transitions to handle cases such as players exiting
A time-lapse of how the design changed over various commits

System Design!

  1. Firebase Cloud Firestore, for storing state data and updating clients in real time
  2. Google Cloud Functions, for implementing game logic and updating the state
Back-end system design

Cloud Firestore

Cloud Functions

Concurrency bugs!


So what does it look like?




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Ravikiran R

Ravikiran R

Think, Learn, Engineer

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